Ethos Giving Supplier Selection Policy

About Ethos Giving


We created the social impact firm of the future to help our clients do their good work better, today. So too, Ethos Giving identifies ways that our organization can enhance our community.


Supplier Selection Policy


We believe that flexing budgets and supply chain relationships is a powerful way to create impact, which is why we aim to award at least 50% of our annual purchasing spend to local partners. This Supplier Selection Policy reflects our desire to “act locally” and invest in businesses and partnerships in our Los Angeles community.


This Supplier Selection Policy refers to suppliers across all product categories and industries that involve entering into a contract for purchasing or represent more than 5% of Ethos Giving’s annual spending. This includes all business-related purchases, and business services such as website development, accountants, lawyers, and marketing specialists and so on.


Ethos Giving will make every effort to identify vendors that are locally-based (owned by residents within 50 miles of Ethos Giving’s Los Angeles offices) and are independently owned.
Ethos Giving believes that by working with vendors who live and work in our community, we can all make it stronger together.




Ethos Giving will monitor progress annually against the targets laid out in this policy.
Ethos Giving will hold itself accountable to this supplier selection policy by including it in new employee training and sharing it on the company website.